Matching The Paint Color

This is always one of the most critical steps in the restoration process. Color matching used to be done exclusively “by eye” in a time-consuming trial and error process. However, like everything else, technology has changed this. To obtain an excellent paint finish and color match, Roslund utilizes AXALTA (NASCAR Official Paint Partner) automotive paint AXALTA system provides the latest in color match information and technology.

The AXALTA paint is regarded as one of the highest quality and most advanced refinishing systems in the automotive industry Your vehicles’ 17 digit VIN (vehicle identification number) includes a great deal of information that helps to automate getting a perfect color match for most vehicles.


At Roslund, there is one technician who performs the repairs from, tear down, repair, prep, refinish, buff and clean up. The technician sees the entire job from start to finish. Larger shops often repair cars on an assembly line, where one technician takes the car apart, another might repair all the structure, and yet another technician paints the car. This is where some details may get skipped, missed, or just ignored resulting in an incomplete or improper repair. At Roslund Auto Body you can feel confident that your car will be repaired correctly.


Roslund Auto Body evaluates the damage and maps out a repair plan to restore your car to pre-collision condition. While closely working with your insurance company, we follow all manufacturers’ procedures and guidelines.


After your approval, we start the repairs. We can update you during the repair process and will notify you when your vehicle is complete.


Roslund offers its customers a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the car. However, warranty is not transferable if car is sold to another person.


Roslund Auto Body specializes in insurance collision repair and will guide through the process of making an auto accident claim. We will provide you assistance step-by-step in helping you with any auto insurance you may carry.